Would you like to lay by me ?
Would you like to stay with me ?
Would you like to be all up in my personal space ?
You know I wouldnt mind.
Would you love to have me all to yourself?
I know you would’nt mind.

would you wish I think about only you?
Would you pray I always be in love with only you?
Would you curse the sun when you can no longer have me?
I know you would’nt bother to stress yourself the heartache.
You’d rather drift away till I forget you ever existed.


21st Century note

undefinedI am livid. I feel that way towards the gruesome murders happening in the world. I simply do not understand how the ones meant to protect and serve are rather killing and getting away with it. What is the point of the system when it keeps failing its people. How long are we going to protest so justice can be served? Is this a world I would love to bring my future kids into?

We are currently living in a world that is getting ruined before our eyes. The Past kingdoms that have crumbled thought themselves eternal. And in this 21st century, it seems we suffer same fate. How do oppressors hold so much power? Is there someone out there that can put an end to all this with a final say? Why do we have to wait until things get out of hand before we decide to act?

People are angry. People are fed up. All forms of beings having life are sick and tired of all the atrocities going on. This crap needs to end. It has to end. It must end. It will end.

I only pray and hope all what is happening won’t be for nothing. People will not be silent anymore. Raise your voices and fight for your rights. We need to unlearn and relearn and correct our mistakes. Things can and will change.

Stop with the sick behaviors!

Stop Raping women!

Stop child trafficking!

Stop Racism!

Stop giving yourself opportunity to act stupidly and shamefully and evilly.

With the pandemic already taking lives, I highly doubt it is sane to be killing one another especially by the color of the skin. Come on, we are one people with different colors. why are you so wicked? To what end?

I believe we must focus on uniting to make the world a better and safer place to live in . We should empower ourselves by meting out their deserved punishments to the powerful people who believe they’re above the law. The necessary actions need to be taken so justice is served.

…or I might follow Elon Musk and seek sanctuary on Mars.


one score and VII

I sit back and think to myself that chale man dey grow. Pressure dey everywhere. You dont even know what to do but you dey inside, u for survive. That’s where everything has come to seem like for my eyes top. I am just ‘deeping’ how I can get skills and apply them to create meaningful and innovative solutions to make life easier.

It has not been easy. I am twenty seven and already wishing to be in Heaven. I have been cruising along into my late 20s and now getting closer to the big 30 which is almost too unbelievable to admit. I am grateful to God for the life given and appreciative of His Grace and Mercies.

I am reflecting on the new age and realizing how I love my Parents so dearly. The love extended to my siblings, their children and to the rest of you outside the four corners of my humble abode. I love you and even if you detest me, I will still pray for your happiness and peace of mind. I am just hoping to make quality time for the things that matter in my life. Things such as being present when prioritized matters are concerned.

I have overtime learned to schedule the hours on a daily basis to increase my productivity. I am still learning and I have come to see that things take time. You only need to be disciplined and consistent with practice. I have come to see that there is beauty in the struggle. You won’t get what you envision in your head in just one day. The tree does not grow in one night. Perhaps the Father’s son took three days to come back alive and that’s divine which makes me consider: Just how powerful are we? Once I exceed my potentials, who do I become?

Turning 27 and I feel like I am still young enough that if i feel like an aimless mess who is not satisfied with where my life is at, I can still justifiably blame being young and still figuring shit out.

At the same time I feel like I am old enough to feel a real sense of ownership over my adulthood. It’s no longer brand new anymore being a grown up. With a few years under my belt I kinda know some shit. At least I am recognizing my career path and figuring out which parts of my life are imperfect as a result of normal trial and error and which might be me somehow sabotaging myself.

I am slowly moving past the clouds of confusion and finally beginning to figure out my life, my purpose and where it is that I belong in the world. Learning to deal with constant chaos of life and growing from it.

I have also been thinking about whether or not I want to find the one, and what kind of person that might be. I look back on past failed relationship and methodically take stock of what went wrong, what was my fault?

God willing, I know I have many years of wonderful single life ahead of me but I am tired of wasting energy on relationships that ultimately are going nowhere and are more trouble than they’re worth even as flings.

Reaching 27 is the age to stop self-destructing and I thought I will write 27 things to my younger self. Lessons learned so far that have significant breakthroughs.

  1. love is very important. Love is patient and as strong as death. Love makes me feel good about myself which brings me to
  2. self acceptance. This is very important. You need to stop worrying about what others think of you. Just do you. People will not like you whether you are doing good or bad. So why don’t you just not live a wretched lifestyle rather live good. Enjoy your company. Keep yourself clean. Accept your flaws and embrace your quirks.
  3. I PREFER quality over quantity in the relationships. Looking back I have enjoyed very quality time with dear ones I cherish deeply in my heart. Proximity and time has brought distance and yet I reminisce about some moments shared and I am elated in my core. Some people come into our lives and help us upgrade to be better people. Those are the ones I filter in the crowd for and keep close to me.
  4. no one has their shit totally figured out. People are living life with no rehearsals. You need not stress yourself by thinking someone has got it on lock. Pay attention to your craft and mind your business.
  5. you have to do things that you don’t want to do. There is magic in the work you have been avoiding.
  6. we all need to open up more and be given the platform to do so. Don’t be shy. Take every moment given as if you are on a stage putting on a show for God.
  7. quarter life crisis is a thing. I thought I’d die before I got to 25 but here I am past the quarter life age and still alive. It only gets better with time. Work hard towards the dream.
  8. there are so many career options. Don’t fret and panic like you are useless and cannot discover your talent or passion to know what career path to take. Enjoy yourself while you live and you just might stumble on what is meant for you.
  9. introverts need interaction. I am an extrovert by nature and I consider this when I meet introverts. I try my best to make the space comfortable for quality conversations. You can discover a lot getting introverts to talk to you.
  10. growth does happen outside the comfort zone.
  11. confidence will get you everywhere
  12. your 20s should be about exploring and experimenting.
  13. make time for yourself. just be alone and think.
  14. many of us are naturally generalists/multipotentialites/scanners rather than specialists. Learn your craft dearly and become a master at it.
  15. money determines happiness to a certain extent however
  16. money does buy happiness
  17. money is better spent on experiences rather than things
  18. Minimalism is probably interesting and good for us.
  19. think about your dream job and start making a plan and working towards it.
  20. perfect at least one meal in the kitchen.
  21. the top of Maslow’s hierarchy is becoming more important in the western world. Self actualization.
  22. you are the average of the five people you spend your time with.
  23. your parents are the best people in your life. don’t forget to tell them you love them everyday.
  24. societal, parental, all expectations can be felt massively. Don’t give in. Stay true to yourself.
  25. we are all human beings and we really are not so different from another. Try to be nice to your neighbor
  26. the best is yet to come.
  27. you will lose friends but in the process, you will discover who your real friends are.

I just look forward to the many possibilities and blessings coming my way and I pray I make the right choices along every step being directed by the wisdom of God.


Thursday Blues

Thursday Blues and I’m thinking of you.

I miss being in you and the love I felt to be true.

I can no longer pursue because you withdrew.

Every day and every night I crave you

Now you’re out of my reach and I’m wishing to kiss you by the beach.

Thursday blues and I try so hard not to think about you.



It gets unnerving when things get out of control. You set a deadline for yourself in hopes of completing a project, only to be distracted by unforeseen events. You cannot account for any skills or talent. You seem totally incapable of making any money for yourself. You keep wondering when things will fall in place and the life you dream of will become a reality.

You have been trying to give your best to your life’s work and yet it seems your best is not enough. The day starts with nonchalant feels and the night sneaks in before you can get any work in. Then you wonder where did all the time go? How did I end up lazying about without being productive at least?

The questions of your incapability filling your mind. Are you capable of doing the work you have set yourself up to do? What is so difficult about sitting down to think of a solution for the assignment you need to do? Is there something bothering you or distracting you from actually doing what you’re supposed to do? Is someone disturbing you or not giving you the peace of mind to implement your ideas in the projects you have laid down?

What is the problem my good friend?

Do not expect to get success if you do not do what needs to be done. You cannot hope for a better lifestyle by being lazy. Focus on your development and if you want to give up, know that someone out there right now is working harder than you, reading more books, sleeping less and sacrificing all they have to realize their dreams and it may contest with yours. Do not leave your dreams to chance.

You also do not want to come off as discontent after seeing how far your peers are going. That could lead to depression which is not healthy for your mind. Do not let the pressure get to you. Only focus on your path and enjoy every moment that comes.

Taking in deep breaths, You contemplate whether life is a race and how fast you have to run to outrun the pace. It dawns on you that life is actually a journey. A beautiful one to it. You just have to believe in yourself and work towards your expected ending. No one said the journey will be smooth and easy.

It will be rough and hard but do not give up please. Focus on the positive to fuel your dreams even though the negatives should not be disregarded. Life can be overwhelming on its own, we do not need to hasten it. Make the conscious effort one day at a time and you will be surprised at the results. God got us all so let’s try.


Write about your name. Where did it come from? What does it mean?

rare image of DANAD bts

Five names for one angelic-human child I was given by my Parents. Derrick Nii Amanor Alberto Darku. The first name being Derrick followed by the middle names Nii Amanor and the surname being a combination of my mother’s surname Alberto and my father’s surname Darku. The Darku coming from the Ga tribe in Greater Accra, Ghana and the Alberto coming from Angola, a southern African country.

I took my time to research on the meanings of the individual names and I was overwhelmed by my discovery.

Derrick is an English name and according to sheknows.com means Gifted ruler, People ruler. It has an expression number of 5 according to numerology and people who bear this name are excited by change, adventure and excitement. Derricks are versatile, visionary and dynamic. Derricks fight being restricted by rules and conventions. They tend to be optimistic, energetic, intelligent and make friends easier. Derricks have a deep inner desire for travel and adventure and want to set their own pace in life without being governed by tradition.

Nii is a Ga origin name which means King.

Amanor is a Ghanaian name and means ‘Family head’. The name Amanor attracts commitment, spontaneity and expectation. Amanors tend to display an unpredictable and unconventional attitude. Amanors enjoy to plan for the future and are mostly inclined to grant a higher significance to rational thinking than to sentimental impulses. They are concerned with pragmatic aspects and will for a significant other who is patient and understanding and who can keep them financially stable.

Alberto being my mother’s surname like I mentioned is from Angola. Curiosity led me to surf the internet and I came across nameecho.com which revealed to me that the name conjures gallantry, cordiality and determination. People named Alberto are given the particular life lesson of making the best out of what they learn along the way; whilst the life challenge is connected to moving on from experiences that have been less positive. Albertos are bursting with mental strength and leadership qualities. The name will attract intuitive and clear-headed people. On the scale of consciousness, the name Alberto echoes the vibration energy of Love.

The last name I got to bear from my Dad is Darku. A Ghanaian name which attracts courageousness, responsibility and insightfulness. For the name Darku, the life lesson refers to this person making the best out of occasions to catch up on things they have not finished. Darkus are blessed with enthusiasm and assertiveness.

The name I bear is what will make history so help me God. I just pray for wisdom as to when it is my turn to give my future kids their names. Finding out the meanings of my names has somewhat brought perspective to my life journey. I hope to manifest the good that comes with the names i bear and to elude the unhealthy aspects after recognizing them.

My name is DERRICK NII AMANOR ALBERTO DARKU and I am destined for Greatness.


Consistent flaws

IMG_7469I have been thinking a lot these days. Wondering what I can do to make my life easier. Realizing the sacrifices I have to make to get to where I have envisioned in my head. I have been on an introspective journey to develop my dreams. You see, I believe in fulfilling all my childhood dreams ( I’ll talk about them one day ) while I have this life to live. Regardless of the stumbling blocks, it is my desire to unfold the heaven that is within me.
To be fair, I know it won’t be as easy as it may seem.

Every day comes with its own issues and before you realize, the day is over and you have not done any productive work. It can have such a tolling and underachieving effect especially when you know you have a lot to learn and to do. The days turn to weeks and the weeks months and before you can say Jack!, you’ve still not been able to show evidence of your works.

I’ve been a victim of such a situation and I’m here to tell you that everything will be okay. There is no need to beat yourself up just because you couldn’t reach your mark. Along the line, you may have picked up something unrelated to what you’re doing without even noticing and that something could go the long way to come in handy when you least expect it. You only need to learn to appreciate every single day as it comes. By being kind and showing love to whoever you meet in a day, you may end up securing deals for your future without notice at that moment. The way you treat people may come back later in life to repair you just like karma. I have come to see that it is not always about learning and submitting projects before the deadline. (Please try to submit any projects or assignments 24 hours before the deadline).

Sometimes being available as a listening ear or even a helping hand could make you a better human, lovable in all standards. Even if no one shows you, love, it shouldn’t stop you from treating others right. We are so keen on gaining high-income skills when we can do better by paying more attention to our social skills and how we can effectively coexist amongst ourselves.

All I’m saying is, even though it is necessary to consciously put in the effort to do the work you’ve been avoiding, it is also important to be as human as possible and accept your flaws. Accepting your flaws makes it easier to appreciate yourself and thus, in turn, makes you learn to appreciate others’ flaws. You may not always be ready or prepared or aware of what’s going on and that’s fine. Just don’t give up when all seems bleak. Don’t look down on others just to make yourself feel good. We are all here to evolve so press on towards your goal. After all, what do you have to lose if you at least try at some point to get the work done?IMG_7810

No one will do it better than how you can do it. So the wasting of time by distracting yourself with things other than what you’re supposed to be doing will only take you further away from that life that you’re deserving of; all it takes for the magic to be felt is to do the work you’ve been avoiding all your life. And just like that, with a snap of one’s fingers, everything could change for the better.





Introspective Thoughts

I laughed when I realized the end from the beginning. In between the lines, favor had covered my path. There was a time when the pain made no sense and yet I did not fret. IMG_3501There will come many times when Joy comes with her suspense. I was ready to face anything because I had this belief that God always got me; which in fact was a fact undoubtedly.

I had forgotten the brave deeds I ever dared to do. Grasping firmly on my sane thoughts, I have been trying desperately to float without getting lost in oblivion. I knew in me was a longing I craved to satisfy as I realized how much potential and possibility existed in the world I was born into. I was on a journey to find and live my life’s purpose. What at all was the reason for my existence in this world that I found myself in? Nothing really made sense as I freestyle living with no rehearsals on how to survive in life. Deep inside my psyche, divine sexuality struggles to manifest in order to take its course in my life. Was I ready to live a chaste life while waiting on the Lord’s second coming ? Or was I meant to find someone to be compatible with before we married? Was it even necessary to have only one partner? What was the point of it all? To make money? or to be rich and famous or to be acknowledged as a very religious person blameless of sin or greed or corruption? Or to be considered one of the greatest humans to exist on Earth who made people’s lives easier?

I was tired of it all; Tired of waiting for the right moment when everything was to fall in place as directed by the Universe. Tired of having to live in a world where the truth was hidden from the masses. Tired of not being able to figure out what exactly was happening. Tired of people passing away without having them see my dreams come true. I have been tired for some time and I doubt death will be my answer. I have contemplated a lot about being alive and having a life. Perhaps having life meant I had been given a responsibility to live it to the fullest.

{Having life meant I have every chance of being hopeful of having things come my way}. Putting in the effort to work harder and smarter taking advantage of the chances that I create, chances that the universe deems to come my way.

I still take advantage of living it large during the waiting moments. There is no fun in forever. There can be only whatever you do to get whatever you want. Taking that dare and plunging deep headfirst for what your heart truly desires. Nothing should stand in your way. Hold your head up high and say what you really want to say. After all, you could just keep quiet and suffer in silence; avoiding unnecessary confrontations all the same because a wise man once said nothing!

Concentrate on what’s good about you. You’re never going to be satisfied unless you know what you’re good at and focus a lot of energy on it. If you want to be the best version of yourself, you have to take the spark within you and ignite a fire.

Still hopeful of honing my skills, I have been on the verge of giving up. It is hard finding what skills you possess to even hone.

yeah, I really sometimes just want to give up and I know it is one of life’s keys to never give up but then again, it can get suffocating when what is expected is taking too long. Great expectations lead to great disappointments. You know innately that the effort you believe to be putting in is not the same as the effort you should really be putting in. I am not saying you are not trying your best and you’re moving at your own pace. All I am saying is you can do better if you truly try harder than you normally do. Don’t compare yourself with nobody. It is just you against yourself. Meditate and become one with yourself. You will, in the long run, find that you have been seeking for so long.

I know I need to start cultivating my talents as soon as possible. I have been trying so hard to make the best of all my abilities; If only it was to put on a great show for my creator while I go through the human experience or is it?



I try to make friends I can keep. Ones that will willingly sacrifice their time for me. I truly appreciate friends that genuinely care for me. I know when I win, you win. I only hope when you win, I win too. I do not like to come off as a burden on the friendship by asking too much from you especially when I am on the other side of the table.

At least, I do not want you to be bothered when I ask too much from you. You are not supposed to even complain when I do ask too much from you. It does not mean say yes to everything I ask for. Sometimes, put your foot down and say No. Save me from future distress.

I am eager to lend a listening ear and a helping hand in our mutual love and care for each other. Even if you are in pain, do not hesitate to talk to me about it. I may not offer much but I just know I will never betray our friendship.


Twenty Twenty



A lot is going on and it seems nothing is happening for me. And yet, I am grateful for the many blessings like having a life and a supportive family.
The year is 2020 and I am on a journey of self-discovery.
I have the vision to manifest God’s plan for my life and will my life’s purpose fulfilled.
To be honest it has not been easy. But then again, nothing worthwhile comes easy so we move on over without giving up.
This is not an inspirational piece for whoever stumbles upon it. It is only me penning my thoughts down and trying to appreciate my efforts for how far I have come. Although I have accepted that I still have further to go.
All I know is what is rightfully mine will blossom and stay and I shall reap the benefits of all virtues.
I look forward to a wonderful year filled with purpose and love and adventure and hope. Whatever priorities I choose for my betterment, I hope, allow me to travel, learn and grow as well as mingle with inspiring people.
This life is only one and you have also got to know pretty intimately what you want, why you want it, how you think you are going to get it, what you are going to do with it after you have got it.
You have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else to take as much as you want.
I have learned that anyone can be wealthy, you just need to apply yourself.
Discipline yourself and be true to your heart. I know it gets difficult making a start but you just have to start. Taking baby steps, don’t let anyone tell you what to do. Your mind on your purpose, no distraction, listen to your intuition.
I am dedicated to living my dreams. I hope you are too.